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Sitting around the lounge room with a hot cuppa or a glass of wine, a few friends, showing off your wedding photos the best possible way, is what albums are all about. We all love sharing our photos and memories on social media, but some things are much too special to be kept on social media or a hard drive. Like your wedding photos. There is something special about holding your images in your hands, sharing stories as you turn each page. Not just today, but for years to come. With new and old family members. With friends from next door or high school friends that have been hanging around for the last 20 years!

Our Albums are designed the old fashion way, by a human! We spend a lot of time getting every photo placed perfectly and retaining the flow of the story. I love seeing my images come to life. It is exciting every time an album comes back from the printers and I get to have the first look. I spend a lot of time in front of a screen editing and making sure all the images are perfect, it really is rewarding to be able to hold the finished product. Young and old, everyone appreciates a good story and a good book. Each wedding and each story is different, so all albums are custom designed.


THE BOOK $1750

A museum-quality art book, the custom-designed book features approximately 80 – 120 images over 60 spreads. The quality of the book itself is unparalleled, printed on thick archival matte paper and bound in your choice cover styles.

• 10 x 10” inch or 9 x 12” inch sizes
• 30 spreads (60 pages) / approximately 80 – 120 images
• Printed with archival ink on .5 mm thick museum quality paper
• Seamless binding – no messy lines thru the middle
• Choose from linen, silks, velvet & leather covers
• Embossing on cover
• Spreads lay flat


1. Album Size

10 x 10″ Square or the 9 x 12″ Vertical

2. Cover Material

Leather, Book Cloth or Velvet

3. Cover Text

Text you would like debossed on cover (names, date, quote)

4. Cover Font

Select a font or email invite PDF

5. Text Colour

Choose a colour foil or go with blind embossing



Our high-quality Book Cloth is durable and comes in a wide variety of colors. It’s also incredibly versatile. When paired with custom-designed embossing, Book Cloth can range from casual to elegant, silly to serious. You will see the cloth fabric swatches listed as coated or uncoated. Uncoated is a more natural finish, usually softer. While coated is aqueous coated to protect against stains and spills.




The Velvet material has a luxurious shimmer and texture.

Please note, blind debossing is the only option available for velvet covers.


Café Leather delivers the rich statement of leather in soft and familiar tones. When you need something a little more special but still friendly and casual, Café Leather is the perfect solution.

Bonded Leather, top-coated for finish.


With more aggressive textures than Premium Leather but without the weight of Full Grain Leather, Rustic Leather is a blend of luxury and rural charm.

Top grain leather, top-coated for finish and stamped for texture.


Straddling the soft tones of Café Leather and the rich weight of Full Grain Leather, Premium Leather delivers a touch of class through supple textures.

Top grain leather, stamped for texture.


The perfect way to personalise your book. This is a hand-crafted process using custom stamps to press your text, logo, or design into your album cover.


Some of my favorite fonts that work well with debossing but you are also welcome to send me your own font or PDF of your wedding stationery and I can incorporate it into the design.



Step 1 :

Decide if you would prefer the fine art book in either the 10×10” (square) size or the 9×12” (vertical) size.

Step 2 :

You submit your favorite images using your online gallery (there is a love heart symbol to select favorites). Once I get the go-ahead to start the design, I will design the first draft and upload it online for you to review.

Step 3 :

You view the draft and are welcome to request any design changes. We can go back & forth on the draft making changes, usually about twice or something we get it right straight away.

Step 4 :

Once you have chosen your cover text and font, I will send you a preview of your cover design to make sure everything is correct.

Step 5 :

Approval – once I send you the final draft for approval, I order the album.

Step 6 :

The book takes about 2 weeks to make – all hand-made by bookbinders, then shipped to me for proofing before sending off to you.

How do we pick our favourites for our book? We love them all!

Don’t overthink things. Your first instinct is probably right!

Choose the photographs you love most – Rather than the ones you feel obligated to include.

Although it’s important to have an overall sense of narrative, when illustrating the story of your wedding day, don’t feel like you need to include every single event/moment/important person.

Group family photographs are mostly for family history purposes. You don’t need all of them in the book.

We like to be able to show who came out and celebrated you two tying the knot! Years later, you’ll want to know who was there. (A whole book of just the bride & groom won’t do that!) I can’t tell you how often people emphasize that they really want great candid photographs of their guests and then don’t include them in the book.

How many images do we pick?

For my 30 spread album please choose no more than 100 images. You can, of course, submit more and I will try work them into the design, but I always recommend about 100 max so the design does not end up too cluttered.

We are ready to pick our favs! But, how do we submit them to you?

Log in to your gallery on: – In your gallery you can pick your selection by adding each image to your favourites list by using the “Favourite/Love Heart Symbol”.


Our designer will begin to draft your book layout. Once this has been completed, you can view the layout online using our cloud proofing software.

I will send you the information to log in and view.

Once you have received the login information to view your draft layout online, you will be able to make comments directly onto the website about any changes you would like made. This is the best time to be honest, if you don’t like the page at all, tell us so! Don’t worry we will not be offended if you don’t like it! You can come and go from this website as you please, your comments will be saved until you are ready to submit them to me. (however they will only be saved on the actual computer your are using, if you log in on a different computer the comments will be removed)

Once you submit your comments, our designer will then make all the necessary alterations. Re-upload your new layout and let you know so you can add your comments again and view your final draft.


Once the final draft has been approved by you, I place the order for the book and it will take approximately 4-6 weeks
(but can be up to 8 weeks in peak season) before it gets shipped back to me.

Once I receive the book, I will double-check that it all looks amazing and send it out to you. From start to finish, the whole process should take around 8 weeks for your album to arrive at your doorstep.

Ready to get your photos off your screen and into an album?

Pop in all your album choices below and I will send through the next steps. If you’re looking for more information about me photographing your wedding, jump over here and fill in my contact form.